Gourmet Hand Made Chocolate

  1. Ginger


    dark chocolate ganache with fresh ginger

  2. Curry


    curry-spiced milk chocolate

  3. Mexican Lime

    Mexican Lime

    lime-infused dark chocolate

  4. Single Origin: Madagascar

    Single Origin: Madagascar

    dark chocolate from Madagascar

  5. Cardamon


    cardamon-spiced dark chocolate

  6. Almond Praline

    Almond Praline

    almond praline enrobed in dark chocolate

  7. Tamarind Chipotle

    Tamarind Chipotle

    tamarind and chipotle chili with milk chocolate

  8. Banana


    banana with milk chocolate

  9. Vanilla Bean

    Vanilla Bean

    vanilla bean with milk chocolate

  10. Single Origin: Venezuelan

    Single Origin: Venezuelan

    dark chocolate from Venezuela

  11. Espresso


    espresso and white chocolate

  12. Rosewater


    rosewater with white chocolate

  13. Coconut


    coconut and dark chocolate

  14. Pure 61%

    Pure 61%

    61% dark chocolate garnished with a dash of sea salt

  15. Fresh Mint

    Fresh Mint

    fresh mint-infused dark chocolate

  16. Salted Caramel

    Salted Caramel

    caramel enrobed in dark chocolate

  17. Classic Praline

    Classic Praline

    classic praline with dark chocolate

  18. Single Origin: Caribbean

    Single Origin: Caribbean

    dark caribbean chocolate

  19. Orange


    orange-infused milk chocolate

  20. Raspberry Ganache

    Raspberry Ganache

    raspberry with dark chocolate

  21. Passion Fruit

    Passion Fruit

    passion fruit with dark chocolate

  22. Honey


    honey with milk chocolate

  23. Lemon Verbena

    Lemon Verbena

    leon verbena and white chocolate

  24. Meyer Lemon

    Meyer Lemon

    meyer lemon and white chocolate

  25. Smoked chocolate

    Smoked chocolate

    smoked dark chocolate

  26. Rosemary Olive Oil

    Rosemary Olive Oil

    rosemary and olive oil with white chocolate

  27. Spiced Pumpkin

    Spiced Pumpkin

    spiced pumpkin and milk chocolate

  28. Hazelnut Feuillitine

    Hazelnut Feuillitine

    hazelnut and crispy, flakey feuillitine with milk chocolate

  29. Peppermint


    peppermint with dark chocolate

For a full list of flavors and assortments. See our Flavor Guide.

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